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Some of the best advice I received as a new mom.

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As a new mother, we are constantly full of worries and self-doubt because we always want the best for our baby. We want our kids to be able to adapt quickly as per a certain norm that is set by the people around us. We often, then tend to worry as to how and what should we do if our little one experiences any kind of uneasiness.

So, with all these thoughts in mind, being a new mom, I got super hyper and paranoid when even after a few months into motherhood, we were struggling with a few things. I rarely had any me time and social life. We had a good amount of sleepless nights because of which we couldn’t enjoy our evenings and were left tired and exhausted. I soon became homebound because it became difficult to carry him, whenever I went for a walk or went to a park. I was already aware of the goodness outdoor walks, exposure to sunlight, outdoor time for my little one and me. It was extremely important for my child to look around at the new and beautiful things and it was equally needed for me to help me unwind and stay sane!

Eventually I began discussing my woes on social media platforms and boy was I lucky? Soon, I got recommended a baby stroller for my baby. A fellow mom shared her experience around how a stroller provided comfort to the baby, and with the movement of the stroller, the baby would get comfortable, and be able to sleep too. And so I was advised to take my child for walks during the evening. Someone even suggested that I could use my outdoor time to listen to music, talk to my baby and also shed some post partum weight with the walks. I was now keen to see how the stroller would help us.

I finally laid my hands on the Galaxy Stroller from LuvLap. The comfort of the stroller is impeccable and it is indeed worth every penny I paid for it.

The best part about it are the multiple features it comes with. After I started using it, I no longer had a sore shoulder. I could put my baby with ease in the stroller and we had a gala time with each other.

I still reminisce the times when he and I would take our evening walks and I would talk to him, sing to him and tell him stories. I realized I was happier and calmer when handling him and it slowly helped me set his sleep routine. The evening walks made him a little tired and droopy and we would sometimes take these evening strolls after our dinner time too.

For the ones who are looking for multiple and sturdy benefits in a stroller, the LuvLap Galaxy Stroller is indeed a great choice. Here are some of the features of the strollers.

One hand folding system – I remember being given a demo in store for a stroller and I walked out because folding the stroller was so difficult. However this stroller is easy and not complicated at all.

Reversible handle bar – As a mother you definitely don’t want to miss even a single expression of your child. When the baby is outdoors, he definitely wants to scan the world with his microscopic eyes too. The reversible handle bar makes it easier to reverse the handle as per your liking when the baby is in the stroller.

4 position seat recline – We as adults too get uncomfortable when we are seated in a single position for a long time. The seat recline makes it easy to adjust the recline as per the comfort of your baby. I would even feed him in it and sometimes we would just move him around in the house in the stroller to make him fall asleep.

5-point safety harness – Now having a child  who sometimes moves faster than you blink, safety is crucial. The 5-point safety harness makes sure that your baby is well secured in whatever position he/she is in.

I was quite convinced and happy with my purchase- the stroller was a great investment, plus it really helped in making my baby comfortable during evening strolls, and would even help him take a nap easily. I would definitely recommend it to all new moms

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