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How smart are you when you invest in a car seat?

Posted in Car Seat | Posted by: Prerna Wahi

Recently I attended a friend’s baby shower. While most of us were out of the baby/toddler phase, we were sharing stories of that one baby gear we just could not do without! The discussion was on the products that acted as our lifelines.

I was taken back to the time when my son was born. Crazy hormones, sleepless nights and on top of all that, confined to the house. I used to wait for every opportunity to step out and did so only after a few weeks. But I was also sad to leave my son behind.

My friends identified high chair, bouncer, carrier etc. as that single most important product but for me it was hands down the car seat. Thinking of that phase when I was dying to step out of the house with him but wasn’t sure how to manage it, as I normally drove myself.

Everyone suggested getting a car seat but I wasn’t so sure my son would sit in it. So I borrowed a friend’s car seat to try for a few days. And my baby loved it. He was thrilled to be out with me running errands, visiting parks and grabbing coffee. I immediately decided to get my own as it helped me combine our love for travel with the joys of parenting.

I was diligent in my research as I saw it as an investment and wanted to ensure I was careful. I asked my friends for recommendations and a majority of them said LuvLap was a good choice. After a thorough research, we finally picked up LuvLap’s Sport Convertible Car seat, one of the few items my husband and I both instantly agreed on. This car seat serves as the perfect companion as you steer your way to short and long journeys with your little one. It adheres to European safety standards.

The Sport Convertible Car seat offers you the flexibility of rearward and forward facing installation. In fact, I preferred to face him in rear facing position until 15 months of age and front facing till he was 3 years. It assured extra safety with the 5-point Safety Harness system.

I felt this option was safer than anyone carrying him in their arms. The Sport Convertible Car seat is very comfortable and my son used to fall asleep usually on long rides. It comes with a 3-position reclining backrest for better sitting and sleeping position. It is also very easy to install in any car. The removable components of the car seat are totally washable, an important factor when your child decides to snack in the car!

I explored many more products of LuvLap and realized that they have a wide range available at all leading baby gear and online stores. Their products are conceived with care and made using the latest marvels of science. Needless to add that all LuvLap products undergo multiple quality checks so they are safe for a baby. They make products that are designed for your child’s utmost comfort and safety.

“Motherhood is a love story with no ending!” While this glorious story continues, the chapter on my son’s toddler years wouldn’t have been as memorable without the love and care of LuvLap.

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