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Diary of a travel crazy mom

Posted in Baby Carrier | Posted by: Parul Malhotra

I and my husband are travel freaks, especially when it comes to a road trip or a jungle safari opportunity.  On discovering that we were expecting our first child, we made a promise to each other that we won’t stop travelling after having the baby. Our craze for jungle safari was such that I took 4 safaris during my first trimester itself. The crazy run to spot a tiger in the jungle didn’t stop there and our jungle safaris were on post the birth of our daughter as well. I am a firm believer that you do not have to give up on your travel lifestyle once having children. I for one, wanted my child to be a reflection of me.

Having traveled right through the newborn stage, with my daughter, I wanted to write down some of my tips and tricks. Of course, it’s very important to recover after having a baby and not stress yourself out if you are not feeling up to it. On a personal level, travelling meant the world to me and hence we started with it very soon. Here are my top tips for travelling with a newborn.

  1. Feeding a New Born While TravellingAs a new mom, it took me a while to realize that breastfeeding a baby is the easiest while to you are traveling. While it is proven best for the child, it’s the most comfortable for a mom as well. Doing so you really aren’t suppose top worry about sterilizing the feeding bottle or making formula milk.  Talking of breastfeeding, I found all of the countries I visited were so welcoming and ok with it. No one blinked an eyelid. It is also very important to carry along a breast pump while travelling with a new born. It is good for both the child and your comfort. Suggest you to carry a manual pump as the access to electricity might not be available everywhere.
  2. Packing for a NewbornI am a complete minimalist when it comes to most things in my life but turned out to be an exact opposite when it came to packing for my new born. It was after a few trips with my daughter that I realized that babies don’t need as much as we think and that certainly goes for a newborn baby. It’s also suggested to keeps the essentials in a draw string bag that can be portable and be easily taken to the baby care room when needed. Sort all the stuff for the new born in separate zip bags as per their use. This will help you figure out stuff easily when needed. I also keep a small zipped pouch with a thermometer and a few basic medicines in case the baby isn’t feeling well. It’s usually kept at the bottom of the bag, as it’s rarely needed and keep the nappy pouch on the top and clothes in the middle. All of these things are small and can easily fit in a day bag. Also, do not forget to keep a set of clothes handy for the child and for yourself as well as you never know when you might get covered with some pee or puke. (#RealityCheck). It is also suggested to keep a diaper disposal bag handy so that it can be used in case the child feels puckish and the washroom isn’t near.
  3. Reliable Baby CarrierWe all as parents take care of our baby’s softly the most, so did I. But goofed it once while picking up a baby carrier. Actually I didn’t buy it myself but the baby carrier was gifted to me by one of my friends. It was during my visit to Jaipur that I took it along for my daughter and found it extremely uncomfortable for me and unsafe for her. I eventually had to buy a baby carrier there after assuring its quality and safety of my child. For all those who might ask, I picked up LuvLap Royal Hip Seat Baby Carrier. While picking up any baby gear (especially before travelling) give a thorough check to its feature, comfort and stability. Baby carrier is a lifeline for parents while travelling, hence it’s important to pick the right one. LuvLap baby carrier gives you four carrying options like – inward facing, outward facing, inward facing seat and outward facing seat style which makes it super comfortable for you to carry your baby while travelling. Its 3 belt safety and super padded body makes sure that your baby is safe as well as comfortable in this carrier while you too get an equal distribution of the weight on your body. So the next time you wish to pick up a baby carrier, LuvLap Royal Hip Seat Baby Carrier can be an apt solution for you.
  4. Carry the Right Baby StrollerStroller should probably be the first thing you should pack for your travel with the little one. From a day old to 10 year old, a right stroller is a must to carry; for you never know when they might just need to take a nap. Also, kids are moody and they might not want to walk too much and this is when the stroller can save you from carrying them in your arms. You are also allowed to take the strollers till the airplane doors and there the crew takes them away from you to store them safely. You are given your stroller back right at the airplane gate, once you land your destination or even if you have a transit flight.
  5. Travel insuranceWhile travel insurance is important for all times, it becomes the most important when travelling with kids and especially with the new born. Travelling to a different county might get a little too much for the baby and hence there might be a need see a doctor. I do not intent to scare you but to give out the right information. Travel insurance can ensure a safe trip for your child and you. Health care can prove really heavy on the pocket while travelling, hence insurance can keep you secure.

Traveling with the baby can be quite an experience if some points are taken care of, and the trip is planned carefully keeping in mind the baby’s safety.

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